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  • I want to use kisslink for my guest network and boost my WiFi coverage. How do I install kisslink as a range extender for my existing WiFi network?

    Plug in kisslink to a power source in an area where there is a stable WiFi connection from your current router. Wait for kisslink to startup and then connect any device to the kisslink network. A popup should appear on your device prompting you to choose your existing WiFi network and enter the password. kisslink will configure itself and link with your existing signal. If you experience issues connecting or maintaining a stable connection, please ensure that you’ve placed kisslink in an area that overlaps with your existing WiFi network. In order to send out its signal and boost your coverage, kisslink also needs to be able to receive an adequate signal from your existing router(s). Placing kisslink too far from the existing WiFi network could lapses in coverage. Please refer to our instructional video for a visual guide to the process:


  • My Internet Service Provider requires a login process to install new routers to my network. How do I enter the PPPoE credentials that they have provided?

    For ISPs that require a PPPoE login procedure, simply install kisslink and connect a device to the kisslink network. A popup should appear on your device prompting you to enter the login information (username and password) that your ISP has provided. This straightforward process only needs to be done one time to verify kisslink with your ISP.


    If a popup does not appear on your device, please open up any browser and refresh any page. It should take you directly to the login page to enter your credentials. For further support, please contact us at :  support@keewifi.com

  • I’d like to install multiple kisslink routers. How do I add additional kisslink routers to my existing kisslink WiFi network?

    Plug in kisslink to a power source in an area where there is a stable WiFi connection from your current kisslink router(s). Wait for new kisslink to startup. Authenticate a device that has already been approved for the existing kisslink network by holding it close to the syncing panel on the new kisslink and wait for the *beep*. There is no need for the device to join the new kisslink network. Please wait 2-4 minutes for the new kisslink to sync with the existing kisslink network. Afterwards, it will repeat the existing signal as one single network. Please refer to our instructional video for a visual guide to the process: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tIPXDKP8Afc

  • How do I hard reset kisslink?

    To restore kisslink to its factory settings including the deletion of approved devices, please hold down the Zen Button for 15 seconds until you hear a *beep*. The LED light should turn orange. After it changes to blue, kisslink has been successfully reset.

  • I want to set up kisslink as a range extender. My device has connected to the KSLINK network, but no pop-up page or notification has appeared so I am unable to enter my existing WiFi information. How can I access the page?

    If you’re using an iOS device such as an iPhone or iPad, please turn on ‘Airplane Mode’ for 10 seconds and then attempt again to connect to the KSLINK network. The setup page should then appear.


    If you’re using an Android or other device, open up any browser while connected to the KSLINK network and refresh or enter any URL. You should then be redirected to the setup page.


    If these methods are ineffective, please factory reset kisslink by holding the Zen Button for 15 seconds and try again.

  • I entered my existing WiFi information to link kisslink as a range extender to my network, but the process timed out after a minute. What's the cause?

    All range extenders require an adequate signal from the existing WiFi network in order to relay and boost WiFi coverage. Try placing kisslink closer to the current router so it is in an area where it can overlap with the existing WiFi signal. After doing so, please re-enter the existing WiFi information to connect and expand the network. Furthermore, if your existing WiFi password is based on the older, insecure WEP encryption, please change the password settings on your existing router to use WPA or WPA2 encryption which is supported by kisslink and all modern devices.

  • What is PPPoE? My Internet Service Provider (ISP) does not require a login process. How can I bypass this unnecessary procedure?

    PPPoE is a login protocol required by a select few number of modern ISPs to identify and verify its customers. The login information, consisting of a username and password, is provided to the customer by the ISP usually upon activation of his or her Internet service. Most modern ISPs do not require a PPPoE login. kisslink is able to automatically detect if a PPPoE login is required. If it is not required, kisslink will operate in its main DCHP mode which bypasses any such login process for easy setup. To bypass the PPPoE login manually if it is not required, please select ‘more’ on the PPPoE login page that pops up when first setting up kisslink. There, you will be able to manually choose to switch to ‘DCHP’ mode. DCHP mode can also be activated within the kisslink app under Setting-> Internet Setting-> DHCP Setting.

  • I've tried putting kisslink closer to my existing WiFi network, but I'm still having issues installing kisslink as a range extender. What can I do?

    We are continuously improving the kisslink user experience by updating the kisslink router firmware. Router compatibility is constantly being upgraded which solves issues with kisslink connecting to existing networks. If you're having trouble connecting kisslink to your current network, please try updating the kisslink firmware. To upgrade kisslink, connect kisslink online by using the included Ethernet cable to wire kisslink to your existing modem or router. Download the kisslink app on your iOS or Android mobile device and check on the homepage to verify if you have the latest version.

  • How to handle it if encounter “Cannot Verify Server Identity” when configure kisslink using setup page?

    If you use web browser to configure kisslink, some of them maybe pop up “Cannot Verify Server Identity” window. Please click “Continue” to continue your configuration.



General Questions

  • What are the different ways I can use kisslink?

    kisslink has 4 modes in which it can be deployed: standalone router, range extender, wired access point, and repeater. No matter which mode you choose to use kisslink and regardless of what your current WiFi environment is like, kisslink can help drastically improve your WiFi experience whether it’s through better extended coverage or simpler access from KISS     .


  • What is the range and device capacity of kisslink?

    The honest answer about the WiFi range and device capacity of routers is that they extremely difficult to determine. Nobody lives in a vacuum or a completely empty, open space. The layout of every home, office, or shop is different. No matter how strong or stable a WiFi signal is, it will evidently suffer from interference caused by obstacles (ie. walls, doors, furniture, etc.) that are in its way. Furthermore, the device capacity of a router is hugely dependent on the task that the devices are performing. Devices connected to the same router streaming high-quality 4k video would inevitably cause extreme slowdown. Our best real world estimate for the area that kisslink can cover is 60m² to 80m² and the maximum recommended number of devices is 30 connected at one time.

  • Does kisslink require NFC or Bluetooth compatibility for devices to connect via KISS?

    No, all kisslink routers use our patent-pending KISSTM technology based on WiFi. If your device connects to WiFi, it can be authenticated by KISS    .


  • How many Ethernet does kisslink have?

    Keewifi has 1 Gigabit Ethernet port used to connect an Internet source (ie. a modem or an existing router) or a wired device while kisslink is in range extender mode.

  • Can I use other USB adapters to power kisslink?

    Yes! You can use any USB adapter including ones for your cell phone. You can even power kisslink via your computer or a mobile power bank.

  • What is the company warranty policy?

    All kisslink products come with a 1-year limited warranty. It will cover any defects in materials and workmanship under reasonable usage. Depending on the severity of the problem covered by warranty, the unit may need to be sent back to us. The cost for the customer would be the postage of the one-way shipping. We would ship a working unit back to you free of charge.

  • How do I contact support?

    Please email all technical support questions and inquiries to support@keewifi.com, or call us at 1-888-881-8818.We will do our best to promptly get back to you with a solution.

  • Does kisslink as a range extender boost WiFi speeds?

    Range extenders increase and improve WiFi coverage. They do not have a significant impact on WiFi speeds. They are meant to boost signal strength in areas of your home where the WiFi coverage is weak or inconsistent. By placing kisslink in an area of your home that overlaps the existing WiFi network and an area with poor WiFi coverage, kisslink is able to relay that existing signal to those weak WiFi spots. kisslink has the additional benefit of incorporating enterprise networking technology which enables a more stable and reliable connection for your devices.



App Questions

  • How do I authenticate and connect my devices through KISS proximity technology?

    Make sure you’ve opened the WiFi selection page on your device before holding it close to the syncing panel on kisslink. Your device is most receptive when it is on this page which allows kisslink to quickly discover and authenticate your device. You’ll notice the LED lights pulsing blue. Wait for a *beep* and click the open KSLINK network. Your device should connect to the network after that. Please refer to our instructional video for a visual guide to the process:


  • I’d like to connect stationary devices to kisslink. What are some other methods to connect devices besides KISS?

    kisslink enables the option for connect devices to the kisslink network via the Zen Button, traditional WPA2 passwords, or the kisslink app for iOS and Android. For the Zen Button method, first select and join the open KSLINK network on your device. Although you will not be able to connect, this step allows kisslink to detect that a device is requesting access to the network. Immediately press the Zen Button on kisslink (within 15 seconds of selecting the network) to grant access that device. Afterwards, select the open KSLINK network again on your device and it will be able to successfully connect. Another method is to assess the KSLINKX network via an unique WPA2 password. Simply enter the X Password located on the label at the bottom of your kisslink router in the same way you would with a traditional WiFi network. Finally, you can also use the kisslink app to connect devices. It has a feature to approve, forget, ban, or even set time limits on devices.

  • Do devices need to be authenticated each time they connect to the kisslink network?

    No. Unless you specifically set a time limit for devices for your network via the kisslink app, devices only need to be authenticated once for continued access to the kisslink network.

  • I cannot connect to the KSLINKX network with my X Password. What can do I do?

    Please send an email titled “X Password Inquiry” to us at support@keewifi.com with the MAC address located on the label at the bottom of your kisslink. We will be able to double check and provide you with your unique default password. This password can be changed in the kisslink app.

  • The LED light around kisslink is turned off. What’s going on?

    By default, kisslink turns off its standby LED light at night from 22:00 to 7:00. This feature is to ensure that the LED light does not interfere with your sleep. It can be turned off in the kisslink App.

  • My devices have full WiFi signal, but it seems they are not connected to the Internet. What can I do?

    This issue is typically caused by a kisslink in range extender mode being placed too far away from the existing router. Always make sure to place kisslink in area that overlaps the existing WiFi network to ensure that it is able to receive an adequate signal. It is best to place kisslink in the between an area with strong WiFi coverage and an area where you wish to expand that coverage.

  • I’m connected to the open KSLINK network and the WiFi icon on my device shows an exclamation mark. What does this ‘!’ mean?

    This symbol simply means that your device has determined that it’s connected to an open KSLINK network. Other open WiFi networks cannot protect themselves from others attempting to join. However, the open KSLINK network is protected by KISS so your network is secure. If your device cannot connect online, you can attempt to run the diagnostics procedure that is offered on PC and Macs. For further support, please contact us at support@keewifi.com,or call us at 1-888-881-8818.

  • I’m unable to connect my device to the KSLINK network through KISS authentication.

    Please ensure that WiFi is turned on for your device. In the WiFi selection page on your device, you should be able to see the KSLINK network while physically bringing your device close to the syncing panel for authentication. If the LED light continues to flash blue and your device cannot connect to the KSLINK network, please turn on ‘Airplane Mode’ for 10 seconds and try to authenticate the device again. If this method is ineffective, please factory reset kisslink by holding the Zen Button for 15 seconds.

  • I’d like to access additional features such as remotely managing my network, changing SSIDs/passwords, customizing the LED light, adding additional WiFi networks, etc. Where can I download the kisslink App?

    The kisslink app is available on the Google Play store for Android and the Apple App Store for iOS. Just search for ‘kisslink’. If you have trouble finding the App, you can also download the Apk file for Android directly here:


  • I’ve installed the kisslink App. How do I gain admin access?

    Follow the instructions through the App and place your device close to the syncing panel to approve your device as an admin. If there is already an existing admin, please request access from them to grant your device access. If the existing admin is no longer available, you must factory reset kisslink by holding down the Zen Button for 15 seconds and regain admin access. For further support, please contact us at


  • How do I update the firmware of the kisslink router?

    If a firmware update is available for your kisslink, there will be a green icon shown beside the firmware number on the homepage of the app. Click the icon to start the update. Please note that devices may be disconnected from the network during this process.

  • What is ‘LAN isolation’ in the App?

    LAN isolation is a security feature turned on by default so devices cannot gain access to each other’s folders and files on the same network.

  • How do I update the kisslink firmware?

    Use your iOS or Android device to download the kisslink app. It's available in both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Authenticate and connect that device to the kisslink network and ensure that it can access the Internet. Open the kisslink app and follow the prompt to bring your device close to the syncing panel again to gain admin access. On the app homepage, it will display the router version. If the firmware is up-to-date, then a checkmark √ will be displayed. If the firmware needs to be updated, then an upward arrow ↑ will appear. Click on the arrow ↑ and following the instructions to update kisslink. Please note that kisslink may need to restart upon completion which may cause devices to temporarily disconnect.

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